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3 Ways a Body Manager Goes Beyond Ordinary Fitness Trackers

To truly optimize whole-body health, you need more than just a fitness tracker.

More than a fitness tracker—get whole-body health management in ONE wearable device.

Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, train for a marathon, or just improve your overall wellbeing, there are a lot of wearable fitness trackers out there that promise to help you reach your goals. But do any of them truly make it easy to understand whether you’re in sync with what your body needs to be at its best?

If you’ve ever used a wearable fitness tracker, you’re familiar with the limitations. First, they only give you a piece of the picture—your daily activity. But whole-body health is about much more than how many steps you take. If you want to get a handle on how many calories you’re eating, or make sure you’re staying hydrated, you have to keep a manual log—which is both a hassle and prone to the errors that come with guesswork. Finally, because fitness trackers make their calculations based on average metabolic rates for a person like you, it’s hard to say if you’re getting good information even for the limited parameters they measure.

All this might explain why an online survey by Endeavour Partners found that more than half of the approximately 10% of Americans who own fitness trackers no longer use them. That’s where the Body Manager comes in.

Unlike activity and fitness trackers, a Body Manager:

  1. Is 100% automatic, requiring no manual logging of meals and activities. 
  2. Uses information from your own body, not estimates or averages
  3. Provides continuous insights on key elements of whole-body health, including: calorie intake and burn, activity, hydration, stress, sleep, heart rate, and blood pressure.

From pedometers to fitness trackers to the Body Manager: the next step in wearable technology

From smartwatches to e-textiles, mobile health devices to fitness and activity trackers—wearable technology is changing the way people experience their health and lives. When Healbe™ developed GoBe to manage whole-body health, we quickly realized it didn’t fit within any existing category. It isn’t a smartwatch; it isn’t designed to manage a specific medical condition; and it goes far beyond the limits of ordinary activity and fitness trackers. GoBe represents an entirely new wearable device: a truly automatic body manager that delivers comprehensive insights on whole-body health.

More than a fitness tracker

Wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit, Nike+ Fuelband, and Jawbone UP have helped thousands of people get more active by counting steps, tracking distance, and providing extra motivation. But until now, nothing has given people a way to effortlessly manage their whole-body health, using insights from their own bodies. At Healbe™, we set out to meet that challenge by creating the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™.

Healbe GoBe™ is the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™

We are thrilled to introduce GoBe, the first and only wearable device that provides all the health and fitness insights you need—automatically, with no ongoing user input. As the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™, GoBe represents the future of health and wellness.

Tell it Nothing. Know Everything. GoBe You.

Learn more.

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