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Counting Down to Shipment of the First Healbe GoBe™ Indiegogo Perks

Plus Exclusive Colored Bands for Indiegogo Supporters, and an Approved Body Manager App!

It’s a busy and exciting time for the Healbe™ team as we continue to put the finishing touches on our manufacturing process and get ready to ship GoBe—The Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™ to our Indiegogo supporters! Here’s the latest news:

Delivery of Indiegogo perks to begin in August.

Since the close of the Healbe™ Indiegogo campaign on April 15, 2014, we’ve been hard at work, visiting our manufacturer in China and making important last-minute refinements to the product. Unfortunately, due to delays in the shipment of some of the body manager’s electronic components, we are rescheduling the delivery of the first Indiegogo perks. GoBe body managers will begin shipping in August. An exact delivery schedule by country will be available in mid-June. 

Exclusive colored band for Indiegogo supporters!

To thank you for your continued support and patience, Healbe™ will include an extra colored band along with the standard black GoBe band with all Indiegogo perk fulfillments. This eye-catching purple band is available only to our Indiegogo supporters!

The Body Manager App is approved!

Our team is excited to announce that the GoBe Body Manager App has officially been approved by Apple’s iTunes store! Our developers are working hard to make minor improvements to the iOS and Android apps. Both apps will be available for download in August! 

Thanks for your continuing support and enthusiasm! Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the incredible moment when thousands of people will be able to start using GoBe to manage their whole-body health.


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