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June 04, 2014

What's new? Independent testing, improved calorie intake measurement, and a trip to NYC!

Putting years of development to the test.

Healbe Gobe™ is the result of decades of research and development, including hundreds of internal tests to ensure that GoBe delivers on its promise of providing effortless insights from your own body on all the key parameters of whole-body health, including automatic calorie intake measurement.

As we prepare to make GoBe widely available online, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming partnership with two major medical institutions in Russia and the U.S. Doctors at these institutions will be conducting independent tests to validate the GoBe body manager’s potential for measuring calorie intake and other parameters of whole-body health. We’ll be announcing more details about the testing program in the coming weeks.

In progress: Improved calorie intake measurement!

At Healbe™, we’re never satisfied with “good enough.” While the GoBe body manager’s ability to automatically measure calorie intake through your skin is truly revolutionary, we know that it’s critical to find new ways to provide more relevant insights to more people.

Because everyone’s diet is different, our data engineers are currently testing a new process for automatically calculating calorie intake for people on modified diets, such as low carb or ketogenic. All GoBe users will be able to update their Body Manager Apps to take advantage of this feature once it’s available. Stay tuned for more information as we continue to refine our algorithms.

GoBe is visiting New York.

The Healbe™ team will be presenting GoBe and participating in the “Battle of the Bands” as part of Consumer Electronic Week June 25-26. We’re very excited for the chance to show off The Original 100% Automatic Body Manager and rub elbows with other innovators in wearable technology.  

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