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April 04, 2016


GoBe Healbe MediaReview

Healbe GoBe: the best fitness friend for your summer workout

Healbe’s new GoBe device may possibly be the most accurate fitness tracker on the market. While apps and simple step and sleep trackers can be led to miscalculations, GoBe takes tracking your every fitness decision further than you probably thought possible.

GoBe automatically tracks everything you eat with its handy glucose tracker, which sits right on your wrist and reads the data through your skin. It may sound a little like science fiction, but the technology makes sense. As your body converts food into glucose, your cells release water. GoBe sends out high and low frequency signals through your tissue to measure the fluid in your cells 24/7. This data is used to record what kind of calorie and nutritional intake your body is experiencing, down to percentages of carbs, fats and proteins.

This is not GoBe’s only trick, however. The device also is continuously tracking your heart rate, blood flow and activity levels to measure the amount of calories you’re burning at any given time, as well as your metabolic rate. It also tracks your sleep cycles, combined with your breathing and heart rates, to detect any sleep disorders you may want to address.


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