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New Tests Show GoBe Accurately Measures Calorie Intake!

The revolutionary technology inside the Healbe GoBe™ 100% Automatic Body Manager makes it the first and only way to automatically measure calorie intake.

Many of our supporters have asked us whether GoBe can be used to accurately measure calorie intake no matter what mix of carbs, fats, and proteins you eat.

We recently set out to test the body manager's ability to measure calorie intake for a variety of diets, and we're excited about the breakthrough results!

Who participated in the GoBe Calorie Intake study?

30 volunteers (11 men and 19 women) took part in 44 experiments over the course of 16 days.

All volunteers were interviewed by our laboratory specialists prior to participation to determine their suitability for testing. They all fit into a normal weight range based on their BMI. They also passed a professional examination by an endocrinologist and a cardiologist.

Each volunteer was placed into one of three mixed-gender age groups:

  • 20 to 35
  • 35 to 50
  • 50+

Study methodology

Over the course of the 16-day study, our subjects tested 2-5 variations of a typical mixed menu, including breakfast, a snack, lunch, and dinner. Eight tests were conducted on an empty stomach, in which participants had not eaten for 4-5 hours prior.

Our laboratory staff measured the weight and the energy value of each portion of food the subjects ate, based on existing calorie measurement tables.

Volunteers simply wore the GoBe and consumed a meal. Following the meal, each volunteer gave a blood sample to determine their blood glucose concentration, using One Touch Select 

Data analysis

Our analytical group also verified the data by comparing the readings from the GoBe body manager with the results of the blood samples. 

Employees of the Healbe™ laboratory processed all the test results using rigorous statistical analysis. The data was compiled into a series of Clarke Error Grids, which is the standard tool for measuring glucose concentration.

Results: GoBe accurately measures calorie intake 

Using the Healbe FLOW™ Technology algorithm, GoBe determined the caloric value of the test subjects' meals with an error rate of +/- 13.5%.

GoBe Graph of Testing Results

We're excited about these results—but most importantly, we found that the margin of error for measuring calorie intake from each type of macronutrient (fats, proteins, and carbs) affects the accuracy of the overall calorie measurement in only 3.5-11.5% of cases.

In other words, no matter what you eat, GoBe will be able to automatically measure your calorie intake.

Everything you need to manage your whole-body health

This test is not the final word. Our developers continue to improve the FLOW algorithms, and we are confident that the final version of the body manager, to be delivered to Indiegogo contributors in August and will be available for sale in October, will provide even more accurate and intuitive insights for managing your whole-body health.

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