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October 10, 2014


factory GoBe

A Look Inside The GoBe Factory

Waiting sucks. And when the thing you're waiting for is as awesome as the GoBe body manager—it's torture! As you probably already know, we've had to reschedule the GoBe shipping date because of a problem with the body manager's cover. (You can learn all about the delay here.) The good news is, we have a fix, and we're in the process of working with our manufacturer to adjust the production flow and rebuild the molds, so we'll be shipping GoBe to our Indiegogo supporters in mid to late November.

This whole situation got us thinking, though. What if you guys could get an even closer look at the place where it all happens—the GoBe factory? So we've decided to take you inside the manufacturing process, just to make sure you know everything there is to know about the product.

The GoBe body managers are assembled in China, just like many other fitness trackers—along with practically every other tech gadget on the market. Why China? It’s simple: By locating our factory in the world’s consumer electronics hub, we can make sure each GoBe meets the highest quality standards, at the lowest price to the consumer.

In our quest for the perfect place to build GoBe, we visited more than 60 different manufactures, from small family-run factories to the enormous operations that make the technical components for companies like Apple and Samsung.

It took us four months, but we finally found it—a factory named JunSD Industry Co. Ltd., in the district of Shenzhen. (Pop quiz: Why is Shenzhen known as the “Chinese Switzerland?” Hint: It has nothing to do with chocolate or cheese. Shenzhen is home to just about every large manufacturer of sports watches and fitness gadgets in the world—move over, Swiss watches.)


Check the JunSD web-site here.

As of today, JunSD has one department that does nothing but produce and assemble GoBe body manager components, and another department that’s responsible for soldering electronic boards. The factory uses advanced technical equipment that meets international quality standards—for example, Yamaha and Siemens machines were used in the production of GoBe.

Just as importantly, the specialists at the JunSD factory are the best in the world. They're the ones who helped us nail the new assembly process and solve the problem with the GoBe cover. (By the way, the cover is just one of many details that go into building a GoBe—all told, the body manager has more than 200 original components—almost as many as there are bones in the human body!)


Assembling department

As we move towards the first full round of production, the JunSD factory is buzzing with activity. And speaking of waiting, we can’t wait to see those first excited tweets from our Indiegogo supporters when their GoBe body managers arrive in the mail!


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