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Healbe GoBe™ goes to CES, Gets Certified, and More!

The New Year is off to a great start at the Healbe™ headquarters! First, we took a trip to Las Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Lucky for us, we were too busy meeting with press, retailers, distributors, and other potential partners to lose too much money in the slot machines—and of course we had a great time checking out all the other new technologies introduced at the show.

We’ve also been getting lots of good press lately. A few days before CES, we met with the BBC—check out what happened when they fed our managing director George Mikaberydze lunch! (Spoiler: They said GoBe “worked better than we expected” at automatically measure his calorie intake.)

Now that we’re back from Las Vegas, we’re moving full steam ahead to ship thousands of GoBe body managers to our Indiegogo supporters starting the week of January 26. Here’s the latest status update:

GoBe is fully certified and ready to go. We’ve received all the certificates we need to start shipping. Here's the full list of agencies that have give GoBe the go-ahead:

CE Certification CE Certification

- FCC Certification
- RoHS Certification
- Bluetooth® Certification

We are syncing our database with UPS and preparing to ship. We’ve chosen UPS as our partner for worldwide delivery service, and we are in the process of uploading our customer database to verify addresses. If you contributed to the Indiegogo campaign and your mailing address has changed, please email your updated address to by January 20th.

Shipping to Indiegogo contributors will begin in late January.

GoBe You!

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