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May 19, 2015

GoBe improvements, shipping and more!

We have exciting news! We have been shipping Healbe GoBe™ body managers steadily since February. Shipping was in full swing throughout April, and we are continuing to ship GoBe body managers from our warehouses. One-third of all orders have already been delivered, and large batches of body managers are ready to ship from our warehouses in California and Russia. Our European supporters will receive their devices directly from a warehouse in Hong Kong.

As we mentioned earlier, we recently made some improvements to our logistical process to allow us to increase shipments to our Indiegogo contributors. More GoBe body managers are being shipped each week from warehouses, so keep an eye out and you will receive email with address confirmation and tracking number — so your package will be arriving soon!

We love seeing how you’re using the GoBe body manager, so keep on sharing!

Software Updates

We’re always working to make GoBe as user-friendly as possible, and our latest round of updates is no exception. The latest firmware lets your GoBe have almost 40 hours of running time between charges!

Current firmware version includes:

- Adjusted heart rate measurement function during activity and at rest

- Improved algorithms for step counting

- Improved algorithms for sleep function, including measurement of sleep, wake and REM phases

- Resolved error message issue regarding charger contact

Short reminder 'How To Install Update' if you didn't do it yet:

1. Log in to your GoBe app and connect to your device

2. Place the GoBe sensor unit in the charger

3. Click the wristband icon on the app’s home screen

4. Locate the HealbeTMlogo

5. The message “Update Available” will appear

6. Click “Install”

7. Log out of the app. Once you log back in, your firmware update will be fully functional.

IMPORTANT: Installing the update will erase any data your GoBe has collected for the day. We recommend installing first thing in the morning to avoid data loss.


A new version of the firmware will be available near the beginning of June, and will contain the following improvements:

- The GoBe app will show estimated calories burned when your body manager is switched off or charging, based on data from your user profile.

- Your body manager will take less time to make contact with your skin when you first put it on.

New release of iOS & Android app:

1. PIN-code recovery

2. Bug fixes:

- Water balance function: improved tapping mechanics to record water consumption

- Improved localized keyboard support for registration and profile

- Improved smart alarm function

- User profile saving bug fix

- Improved App stability


- iOS: 06/08 in App Spore

- Android: 05/30 in Google Play

During the next several months we’ll release several new firmware updates which we’ll let you know about here.


Stay tuned for more updates as GoBe makes it into homes around the world! Once again, thank you for your continued patience and support.

GoBe You!

Healbe Team




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