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June 25, 2015

Healbe GoBe Update, Firmware Improvements—and a Chance to Win FREE GoBe Body Managers!

What a wild ride! Taking Healbe GoBe™ from a few working prototypes to thousands of factory-manufactured body managers that make it possible for people everywhere to automatically track their calorie intake and other key body parameters has been challenging, educational, and inspiring—to say the least. We couldn’t have done any of it without the support of our IndieGoGo contributors, and we are thrilled to share what the next several months hold.

Eagerly awaiting your GoBe? Here’s the scoop.

As of today, 58% of our IndieGoGo perks have been shipped. If you haven’t received your body manager yet, you don’t have long to wait. We are currently manufacturing 800-1000 new devices per week, and each new batch gets shipped out as soon as they’re ready. We expect all our IndieGoGo supporters & all who pre-ordered via site to have their GoBe body managers within several weeks.

The GoBe delivery team at work in our California fulfillment facility!


You helped make automatic calorie intake measurement a reality—now you can get in on the next phase of development!

The revolutionary Healbe FLOW™ algorithms that allow GoBe to automatically measure calorie intake and other health parameters were developed over the course of many years, by a dedicated team of researchers and developers. Now that thousands of people are using GoBe in their daily lives, our team is able to constantly refine the algorithms and improve the device’s accuracy in a wide variety of real-world conditions.

Thanks to the many supporters who have actively participated in developing the revolutionary technology inside GoBe, we have already made tremendous strides, including:


  • Significant improvements to the algorithms to measure calorie intake for smaller meals. GoBe was initially developed in a laboratory setting using “average-size” meals of around 400-800 calories. Ongoing feedback from our supporters has allowed us to optimize the device’s calorie intake measurement for how people really eat! Thanks to this feedback, the Healbe FLOW™ algorithms are now able to measure snacks and small meals under 400 calories with about a 13% margin of error, comparing very favorably to manually logging calories—with none of the hassles. We are extremely excited about this progress, and you’ll be able to help us test the new algorithms starting in August.
  • Fixed mealtime confirmation loop. A few users reported that they were being asked to confirm the same mealtimes multiple times. We found the bug, and the fix will be available in the next firmware update in early July.
  • Fixed Android App bugs. We found and fixed a bug that was crashing the water balance function in the Android App, plus a bug that cleared some data from the nutrients burned summary, and another that compromised the sleep graph functionality. All three fixes will be included in the next Android App update, available in Google Play this week.


Your feedback plays a crucial role in improving GoBe! Interested in becoming a beta tester? Please join this Facebook group. You’ll find anenthusiastic group of people who are helping us improve GoBe and giving us insight on how to use the body manager to make our lives healthier and happier.


Enter the Show Us Your GoBe contest for a chance to become a brand ambassador and win FREE GoBe body managers!

From June 29-July14, we will be accepting submissions to the Show Us Your GoBe contest to find official brand ambassadors, inspire new GoBe users to achieve their goals, and shine the spotlight on our most dedicated fans and supporters! (Plus give away some free GoBe devices.) You don’t have to be a fitness guru to enter—we just want to see how you use your GoBe to find balance and live a healthier life.


How It Works:

  1. Post a photo of you with your GoBe on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Include a short caption telling us how you use your GoBe and what you hope to achieve with it.
  2. Tag @Healbe and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourGoBe. No obscene, inappropriate, or offensive content, please. Entries must be posted between June 29-July 14.
  3. Be a brand ambassador and win FREE body managers! We will select 3 official brand ambassadors from eligible entries. If you’re selected, we will work closely with you to help you reach your goals with GoBe, and share your story with the world! In addition, our Grand Prize Winner will receive 5 devices to share with friends. Our 2nd Prize Winner will receive 3 devices and our 3rd Prize Winner will receive 1 GoBe


To join the Show Your GoBe movement, see entries, and get contest updates, follow us!

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

Share the GoBe excitement—and a 10% discount!

Managing your whole-body health is more fun with friends! That’s why we’re extending our discount for friends and families of Indiegogo supporters through July 1! Pass along the promo code IGG2014 to share a 10% discount on online orders.


GoBe You!

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