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August 03, 2015

Latest News: Firmware Update & Future Plans

We are glad to announce that the newest version of firmware is now available for download (along with instructions on how to install it)! Here is full description of the new functions that you’ll receive with this update: 

1. The stress tracking algorithm has been improved: Healbe GoBe will now take your travel and time zone changes into account. We have added this update because stress increases when forced to adapt to different time zones and jet lag.

2. Device Overheating: In the case that your device is overheating, a message that reads "OVERHEAT" will appear on the display. The GoBe will also vibrate to make you aware of this. If this happens, we strongly recommend that you take off your body manager and contact our support team immediately at

3. Contact Issues: The bug causing a ‘NO CONTACT’ message to appear during excessive sweating or salt water interaction has been resolved. 

4. Heart Rate Tracking: The heart rate measurement mechanics have been improved.

5. Sleep Tracking: GoBe now recognizes sleep during the day time if it is longer than 20 minutes. 

6. Automatic Display Reset: The display will reload automatically if the device is experiencing problems.

We are also in the process of improving measurement accuracy in calorie intake of small meals (+- 300 calories).  We track caloric intake by tracking the natural glucose fluctuation in the cells, for that reason it is more difficult to determine and differentiate calories from small portions of food. It will take some time but we’ll keep you updated about all our next steps in our next posts!

Annotations and update manual:

In this update 3 firmware features have been changed (4 in some versions of the device): basic firmware, functional firmware, BLE , and  Display firmware).

Please pay attention! 

1) Total  update time  may take up to 30-40 mins. That is why the manual for this particular  update is longer than usual.

2) Android based smartphone users should update the App before starting firmware update.

- Make sure your phone is fully charged. If it is not, connect it to a charger

- Make sure you have the latest version of the GoBe App

- Connect the bracelet to the charger

- Place the bracelet close to the phone

- Launch the App

- Go to the ‘wristband’ section

- Press ‘install’ in the ‘update available’ line

- The first firmware is downloaded, then installed into the bracelet

- The installation process for the first firmware takes 7–15 mins

- You will see the ‘update’ message on the display

- The firmware is installed in the bracelet

- The bracelet vibrates

- The download and installation of the second firmware starts automatically and takes 1 minute

- The firmware is installed in the bracelet

- The bracelet vibrates

- The download and installation of the third firmware starts automatically  and takes 3-10 minutes

- The firmware is installed in the bracelet

- The bracelet vibrates

- The installation is finished

!!! If during the installation process there  are  disconnect issues, please  repeat the update process again.

IMPORTANT: Installing the update will erase any data your GoBe has collected for the day. We recommend installing first thing in the morning or right after midnight to avoid data loss.


The Android App will be available in the beginning of August and the new iOS App will be available middle of August.

What will be included in this release:

1) Horizontal graphs:  you will be able to view detailed data of your energy level by day, week, and month in landscape mode. Go to the ENERGY screen, manually turn your device to landscape orientation, then use the zoom buttons and swipe gestures to explore the new feature! 

2) New meal time confirmation interface.

In case of any questions or difficulties with firmware update please write to

GoBe You!

Healbe Team

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