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October 16, 2015

App Updates & Improved Hydration Functionality

We here at Healbe Corp. want to thank you for your support as we continue on our journey of making effortless whole body health management available to everyone, everywhere. Since fulfilling all of your orders, we’ve put an emphasis on online sales and as you might have seen, secured our first retail partner with AT&T. GoBe is currently for sale at AT&T’s flagship store in Chicago and online at We couldn't be more excited!

We also released an iOS and Android app update, which is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The update includes several new features and improvements:

- Horizontal graphs for Energy data for iOS: Rotate your phone to display data by days, weeks, and months.

- A bug fix for Android users experiencing issues with connecting their device.

- A bug fix for Android users experiencing an issue with saving their profile picture.

But that’s not all!

Our R&D team has been diligently working on making improvements to Healbe’s FLOW Technology, and we can now announce major upcoming updates to GoBe’s firmware:

- Automatic hydration level monitoring.

- A new history editor interface.


GoBe currently tracks your hydration level from food, but you still need to tell it when you drink a glass of water. With this new firmware update, GoBe will deliver your overall hydration level, including water taken in from food and beverages, without requiring you to tell it anything.

Within two hours of downloading the new firmware, GoBe will begin measuring how hydrated your body is. This information will be displayed as NORM or LOW, with GoBe encouraging you to DRINK via an on-display alert and quick vibration if you need more water. It’s important to note that it will take up to two days for GoBe to be fully aware of your hydration level, so we recommend starting to follow those prompts at that time.


The new firmware update will launch a new history editor interface, allowing you to specify your mealtime correct the interval(s) during which you ate, if needed. 

We are also working on updates to GoBe’s sleep quality tracking & accuracy improvement of calorie intake measurements, but we’ll tell you more about that later. Keep an eye out for future updates that will make keeping track of


The Healbe GoBe Black is now available in our online store. Click here to shop now.


GoBe You!

Please note that while the Healbe GoBe bracelet is designed to provide you with information about the conditions and trends in the physical state of your body, Healbe GoBe is not meant to be used as a medical device and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; also note that it should not be used as a substitution for expert medical advice. Healbe GoBe measures the basic characteristics of your body using unique technology and algorithms to provide you with accurate data (including consumed and burned calories, step count and distance walked, energy balance, sleep quality, stress level, and heart-rate), but the accuracy of the GoBe's readings depends on the accuracy of the personal data you put in your profile and whether or not you are using the GoBe correctly.

Healbe recommends that you always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health expert with any questions you may have regarding a health condition, diet, or physical fitness program.

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