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December 14, 2015


Android App Update: Stabilisation of connectivity

Dear Android users,

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve the compatibility of our app with your devices. We know you've been having trouble syncing your bracelet with the smartphone application, and are excited to announce a new update that should fix this problem that some of you are facing.

To determine why so many of our Android users were experiencing connectivity issues, we kindly asked that you send us feedback within the app whenever these errors occurred. Thanks to the detailed feedback from all of our users, our app developers were able to finalize a new version (Healbe GoBe 1.2.2), which is now available for download in the Google Play store. This new version includes all of the information you provided us about the compatibility between GoBe and the Android app so thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us!

!!! Please be sure that you've installed the latest version (1.2.2) of Healbe GoBe App and restart your smartphone after it.

In an ongoing effort to perfect our app for all users, we'd appreciate it if you could rate us on Google Play and write a short review.

This new version of the app will still allow you to send service information. Should you continue to experience problems, please take a moment to send us your feedback.


- If you are still having issues connecting your GoBe & smartphone, you will receive an on-screen notification that reads "Can't connect to wristband WHY?"

- Please tap "WHY?" on your smartphone screen. You will then see a list of possible reasons why your device cannot connect.

- From there, you can send us this information so we can figure out the cause of the problem.

In addition to these updates, we are also working on other big improvements to our calorie measurement algorithms and the tracking of other health parameters that will deliver more detailed information about your body. To stay updated on these announcements, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay Tuned,

Healbe GoBe Team

GoBe You!

Please note that while the Healbe GoBe bracelet is designed to provide you with information about the conditions and trends in the physical state of your body, Healbe GoBe is not meant to be used as a medical device and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; also note that it should not be used as a substitution for expert medical advice. Healbe GoBe measures the basic characteristics of your body using unique technology and algorithms to provide you with accurate data (including consumed and burned calories, step count and distance walked, energy balance, sleep quality, stress level, and heart-rate), but the accuracy of the GoBe's readings depends on the accuracy of the personal data you put in your profile and whether or not you are using the GoBe correctly.

Healbe recommends that you always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health expert with any questions you may have regarding a health condition, diet, or physical fitness program.

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