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December 26, 2016

Healthy News: Step Closer to a Healthier Life - December Firmware & Apps Update

We in Healbe Team are never quite satisfied with what has already been achieved, and we continue to improve the algorithms, modernize the firmware and extend the functionality of the mobile applications of Healbe GoBe. And as the holidays are approaching, we take yet another step towards health! The Healbe team has prepared a firmware update, and here is what you can expect:

    Healbe GoBe FIRMWARE:

    What’s New in Version:

    • - GoBe 1.0 (Silver): 40612190
    • - GoBe 1.1 (Black): 41612190

    Main features that were updated:

    • 1) Stress 2.0: a smooth function of stress.
    • 2) HR: changes in the calculation of health level and HR feedback adjustments.


    We have switched from displaying five distinct levels of stress to a stress curve (the 5-point scale score remains). Now the application shows a smoother diagram. Supported on all models of Healbe GoBe 1.0 and 1.1.

    Now you can monitor changes more frequently - status update occurs every 5 minutes. Readings of this type allow users to get a detailed assessment of the body’s level of stress, and they can observe a more reliable dynamics (as in the pulse diagram).

    Please, note: Once you put on the wristband and turn it on, you will see points on the diagram and the inscription ‘CALCULATING’ - for an hour, GoBe will be collecting data on your heart rate and your body’s activity. You will see a stress curve when there is enough data.

    Heart Rate

    Our team working with the HR function does not stay still! We are pursuing the aim of making the measurement of HR during physical activity more accurate and more similar to professional gadgets with sensors placed on the chest.

    We have improved the algorithms, and now they allow you to adjust the level of health in the user profile, as well as to adjust the HR data after activity. Later on, this will improve the accuracy of heart rate detection when you are on the move.

    IMPORTANT! To improve the accuracy of the piezo sensor and heart rate measurements through the health level adjustment, we recommend you to calibrate the device at least once a week - preferably once a day, as follows:

    • - 1.5 – 2 min of homogeneous activity (brisk walking/jogging)
    • - stop for 15-30 seconds.
    • - continue the activity.
    • - make 1-2 repetitions per day
    • - day by day, the device will show a more accurate measurement of a pulse during vigorous exercise


      You can export steps data from GoBe to Apple Health & Google Fit with new firmware and mobile application now

      Bug fixes

      Sleep: determining the onset of sleep has become more precise


      Healbe GoBe Apps:

      Application versions:

      • - iOS 1.3.0 (5) and higher,
      • - Android 1.4.0 (53) and later.

      Main features that were updated:

      • 1) Simple interaction with meal history
      • 2) Simple registration for new users

      Simple mode:

      Now there is a possibility to enable/disable the meal confirmation dialog in the application via the interface without pressing a key. In this mode, meal confirmation for the intake algorithm (calorie intake) is activated only by pressing a button on the bracelet and it is confirmed automatically without additional synchronization.

      To activate SIMPLE MODE for confirmation of the start of a mealtime, you need to go to the Settings menu and activate the Meal Confirmation* check box:

      * the application processes all the pressing of buttons as reliable and confirmed - and it does not process any other meal suggestions based on Impedance sensor data. The user assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of pressing the FOOD button on the bracelet.

      App & Profile Settings:

      All Healbe GoBe account settings are now simpler! At the same time, application and integration settings are combined into a single section in the app; in the future, this section will include settings of other application modules - stay tuned!

      More exciting news await our users at the beginning of New Year 2017!

      GoBe Healthy. GoBe You.

      Please note that while the Healbe GoBe bracelet is designed to provide you with information about the conditions and trends in the physical state of your body, Healbe GoBe is not meant to be used as a medical device and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; also note that it should not be used as a substitution for expert medical advice. Healbe GoBe measures the basic characteristics of your body using unique technology and algorithms to provide you with accurate data (including consumed and burned calories, step count and distance walked, energy balance, sleep quality, stress level, and heart-rate), but the accuracy of the GoBe's readings depends on the accuracy of the personal data you put in your profile and whether or not you are using the GoBe correctly.

      Healbe recommends that you always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health expert with any questions you may have regarding a health condition, diet, or physical fitness program.

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